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International Fast-Food Chain Holiday Foods (Slideshow)

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Pizza Hut: Christmas Double Decker (Singapore)

In Singapore, Pizza Hut is offering the ultimate "Christmas pizza." This Double Decker pizza features a stuffed-crust pizza topped with chicken and pepperoni, with a smaller thin-crust pizza (that looks more like a tortilla) on top. The thin-crust pizza is topped with ham "hot dogs" wrapped with turkey and Edam cheese, as well as tomatoes, zucchini slices, and a drizzle of tangy mango mayo. The pizza can be bought separately or as part of a Christmas Delight or Christmas Fiesta meal. The former comes with two soups and two drinks, and the latter with criss-cut fries, choice of two sides (including items such as roasted chicken legs, truffle mushroom baked pasta, and garlic herb-crusted fish), four soups, and drinks.