How To Make Your Own Egg Rolls

Learn how to make egg rolls at home with these simple steps

How To Make Your Own Egg Rolls
Serve your egg rolls with your favorite dipping sauce.

Heat oil in your deep fryer (or a pot of oil on the stove) to 375 degrees F. Place a paper towel on a plate next to the hot oil.heat-oil-Flickr-tracy apps.jpg
(Credit: Flickr/tracy apps)

Lay your egg roll wrappers on a flat surface and spoon a small amount of the desired filling into the middle. Don’t overfill the egg roll wrappers.fill-wonton-skin-Flickr-Kristin.jpg
(Credit: Flickr/Kristin)

Fold one corner of the egg roll wrapper over the filling, then fold the two sides of the wrapper in and over the filling.roll-egg-roll-Flickr-Cinnamon Cooper.jpg
(Credit: Flickr/Cinnamon Cooper)

Brush the loose end of the egg roll wrapper with egg yolk (that has been lightly beaten). Then, finish rolling the egg roll, pressing the loose end down to seal the egg roll tightly.
seal-with-egg-Flickr-Cinnamon Cooper.jpg
(Credit: Flickr/Cinnamon Cooper)

Place the egg rolls into the heated oil and fry them until they are golden on all sides, about 1-2 minutes per side. Don’t overcrowd the pan or fryer.fry-egg-roll-Flickr-Audrey Low.jpg
(Credit: Flickr/Audrey Low)

Drain the fried egg rolls on the paper towel-lined plate before serving them with your favorite dipping sauces and accompaniments.serve-egg-rolls-Flickr-Larry.jpg
(Credit: Flickr/Larry)

Kristie Collado is The Daily Meal’s Cook Editor. Follow her on Twitter @KColladoCook.


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That has to be the most uninformative instructional page I have ever seen. What kind of filling? How do you make the filling? How exactly do you fold the wrapper after the one picture showing the first fold? Essentially the article said put stuff in a wrapper and cook it until it is done. Gee, thanks...

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