How to Make the Best Super Bowl XLVII Hot Wings Slideshow

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Bake or Fry?

While we're with the purists who say that no wing is a Buffalo wing unless it is deep-fried, we're also pragmatists who wish everyone's Super Bowl party to go off without a hitch.

Does anyone really want to stand in front of a deep-fryer or a frying pan full of oil every time a new batch of wings is needed in the middle of the game? Probably not. And while one could argue for frying them all up in advance, as with any fried food, Buffalo wings are best right out of the fryer, when hot and crispy. It takes about 10 to 15 minutes to fry up a batch of wings, whereas a batch of pre-baked wings needs only five minutes under a broiler to crisp up. That sounds like a winning game plan.