Food Celebrity Halloween Masks from 13 Freaky Food Celebrity Masks

13 Freaky Food Celebrity Masks


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Food Celebrity Halloween Masks

Halloween is just around the corner and it's time to start thinking seriously about what or who you want to be. Are you a food lover, but don’t want to dress up as food? Are you obsessed with Food Network stars or Michelin-approved chefs? Then these masks are for you! Choose one of the celebrity chefs on our list for your Halloween costume and enhance your costume with something that the chef might cook.

Celebrity chefs are so fun to dress up as because people will recognize you, but you won’t have to worry about someone having the same costume as you. Whether it’s Julia Child or the pizza rat, we have the most hysterical 2015 food masks. Be sure to do your research, so every little detail can help show your friends what famous culinary hero you’re impersonating this Halloween. You can also turn any of these costumes into a family affair and dress everyone up as a separate food star. Some of these food celebrities are spooky in their own right, but add in a butcher knife or a cast-iron pan and your Halloween costume will freak everyone out.