Holiday Entertaining


Wine and Cheese
This time of year, many of us are starting to think about what our New Year's resolutions should be, once all the fun of the holidays is done. Promising ourselves  to shed those last 10 pounds, vowing to finally clean out that dumping ground of a hall closet, or just resolving to call home more often — all these are admirable. But have you thought...
10 Kid-Friendly Easter Treats
  With Easter just around the corner, it’s time to think about how to make it fun for the kids in the family. Whether you're planning for your own children or a big group, it’s time to kick that classic Easter egg hunt to the curb and make this holiday really creative. In the blogosphere, there are tons of moms doing just that — modernizing...
Thanksgiving Jelly Shots for Kids and Grown-Ups
There’s all sorts of nice things you’ll be setting on your kitchen table this Thanksgiving. You’ll be placing your golden brown turkey. A nice pot of gravy. A mound of hot mashed potatoes. And, then there’s that Jell-O mold. Slideshow: Thanksgiving Jelly Shots for Kids and Grown-Ups Slideshow...
15 Worst Holiday Party Fouls
It’s a familiar scene: Uncle Jack had two too many ‘nogs and somehow fell into the tree and knocked it off its base, and Ms. Loose-Lips divulged the truth about Santa to the kids. But getting in the holiday spirit doesn’t have to mean becoming mulled like a fine spiced wine. Click here to see the 15 Worst Holiday Party Fouls Slideshow. Getting...
What to Bring Your Hosts This Holiday Season
Whether you’re in need of a gift for that food-loving friend of yours, or are spending the holidays with your in-laws who never cease to amaze you with their encyclopedic knowledge of food and restaurants, figuring out just what to bring can be an exhausting exercise in and of itself. Slideshow: What to...
20 Easy Holiday Party Ideas
"Not another ugly Christmas sweater party," you think. After all, you’ve thrown it for the past three years. If this sounds like you, you may be experiencing pre-holiday season party fatigue. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to inject new life into your annual Christmas-Hanukkah-Dress-Up-Like-Santa fiesta and host an unforgettable party that won...


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