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Harvard University: Cambridge, Mass.

The Crimson campus dining halls aren’t your only dining option. Start in Cambridge at one of the two dining rooms at UpStairs on the Square where you can hoose from the ever-changing seasonal menu at The Monday Club Bar or have mom and dad treat you to a more upscale experience in the Soirée Dining Room. If you’re in an adventurous mood, the Afghani fare at Helmand Restaurant is sure to satisfy your craving for diverse dishes. Don’t forget to order their famous flatbread, baked in front of you in their wood-burning oven.


And located in an old townhouse on a charming street in Beacon Hill, No.9 Park is a must for regionally inspired, flavorful Italian and French cooking. Nearby Beacon Hill Bistro is a perfect brunch spot for when your parents are in town. (And it doubles as a place for them to stay!)

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