Gold Coast Dogs

159 N Wabash Ave
Chicago IL 60601
(312) 917-1677
Website Gold Coast Dogs
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Foursquare Tips
Mark Brouch
They do the Chicago dog right.
Chris Shackleton
Best grilled hot dog in the city.
Bill Ruthhart
Dogs are on the small side. Fries are mediocre at best.
Stephanie Mattos
Tell your mom to get her own basket of french fries. You're not going to want to share.
Lavonna Williams
Pretty decent burger :-)
Veronica Myers
Yummy dogs!
Serious Eats
The char dog at Gold Coast Dogs is an excellent introduction to the world of Chicago-style hot dogs. The ends are sliced, so that when tossed on the hot grill they flare out wildly.
Angela Shaw
Cheese fries suck.
Time Out Chicago
GCD dogs are natural-casing Vienna Beef, you can get them char-grilled, and they have the weird splayed-ends thing, setting these Chicago-style dogs apart.
Rafi Rafael Ramli™
I wonder how yhe hotdog look like....
Mona Chita
Tanto los perritos calientes como el pollo frito estan muy buenos!
Awesome Page
Great hot dogs and fries. Terrible sodas.
Diah Kumalasari
yummy... so delicious
Tim Eckerle
nothing like a real Chicago dog in the winter reminds you 1060 west Addison and summer
Greatest Char-dog Ever. Extra for extra sport peppers.
Kevin D.
Awesome dogs
Robert Rowe
...grab a Beer Bratwurst with Sauerkraut. It's really good... Also visit their site at and read up on the History of the Hot Dog.
Explore Chicago
Gold Coast Dogs splits the ends of their hot dogs before char-grilling them to crispy perfection, giving a unique blooming flower-petal look to their otherwise classic Chicago style dog.
Explore Chicago
While a steam-simmered (not boiled) hot dog is preferred among connoisseurs of the Chicago-style dog, grilling is also an acceptable cooking method.
Ben Andes
The bratwurst usually takes a few minutes longer, but it's well worth it!
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