Glashütte Original Premieres Five Shorts at 65th Berlin International Film Festival

Watch companies just love to talk about their history, heritage and all the timeless things that make them unique. Unfortunately, more often than not, these stories, be them verbal or visual, comes across as flat, uninspired and almost generic. Many brands offer luxury detailing, expert craftsmanship and centuries of history—that alone is not what makes a company special. But Glashütte Original just premiered a film project that’s offering a personal look at brand though the eyes of individuals—and that’s a pretty compelling story.

Presented during the 65th Berlin International Film Festival last week, Glashütte premiered five film projects told in five different languages from five different perspectives. Friends, partners, fans and industry insiders were invited to offer their own individual perspective on the brand in a video short. Seventeen films were submitted to the watchmaker, and only five were selected to be a part of the project. 

Each short is basically a very sophisticated fan video, where individuals—from professionals to amateur enthusiasts—explain their own connections and passions associated with their Glashütte timepieces. Some focus on mechanics, others the history, some focus entirely on beauty while one in particular focuses solely on the sounds created inside the watch factory. It makes for a truly unique and eye-opening experience.