Get Your Buzz: Campus Coffee Shops

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Get Your Buzz: Campus Coffee Shops

Photo by Haley Durham

Photo by Haley Durham

Immaculate Consumption
If Immaculate Consumption were a Pokemon, it would be the one you only run into a handful of times, but really really want. Their hours are strange, their door isn’t marked, but they sell the best green tea I’ve ever had. With large tables and a lot of seating (even church pews!) Immaculate Consumption is the place to go if you want to meet friends, have a warm drink, and talk about politics. Or, more fittingly, religion.

Location: 933 Main Street, Columbia, SC, 29201
Hours of Operation: 7:30-6:00, M-F, Closed Saturday and Sunday


photo by Haley Durham

Cool Beans
Cool Beans is, thank heavens, open until midnight every night. If you’ve got a chemistry test to cram for, or a paper to write, then you’ll find similar company here. There are many secluded tables where you can stack your books high and hide out with your coffee for a few hours, and they serve cake and sandwiches as well. Plants and comfy couches outline the place, so that it’s easy to feel comfortable and at home. If you want to make your studying a little sweeter, order a piece of chocolate Godiva cake.

Location: 1217 College Street, Columbia, SC, 29201
Hours of Operation: 7:30-12:00 M-F, 9:30-12:00 Saturday and Sunday

Photo by Haley Durham

Photo by Haley Durham

Drip is located in Five Points, right next to Sid Nancy. They have the best coffee in all of Columbia. (If you would like to argue this, I am sure that there is some sort of algorithm or research paper that has been constructed.) Everyone who works here seems to have a beard, or non-human colored hair. I think it must be a requirement. Come here for a quick coffee run, or if you want something to drink while you walk around Five Points. The seating arrangement might be a little tight, otherwise.

Location: 729 Saluda Avenue, Columbia, SC, 29201
Hours of Operation: 7:00-10:00 M-S, 7:00-6:00 Sunday


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