Forensic Facial Reconstruction of Crystal Head Vodka

A forensic artist in Scotland has reconstructed the glass skull of Crystal Head Vodka
Facebook/Crystal Head Vodka A forensic artist has reconstructed the skull of Crystal Head Vodka.
Facebook/Crystal Head Vodka

Forensic artist Nigel Cockerton of Scotland put his skills of facial reconstruction to questionable use when he provided the skull of Crystal Head Vodka with a face, once and for all. A Popular Science editor asked, "Can we unsee it?"

The full process has been documented on Crystal Head Vodka’s Facebook page. As it turns out, a well-shaped skull does not guarantee a handsome face.  To begin, the artist inserted a set of bulging eyeballs, and then placed depth markers along the skull’s surface. Throughout most of the process, the poor guy looks like he came straight out of Jeepers Creepers, but his finished countenance seems happy enough.

Finally, Cockerton added more distinct features like expressive brows, a hint of crows’ feet, and a low ponytail that makes him look a few centuries old. Though he seems relatively pleased to have made it this far, his “toothless grin” is still unsettling.   

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