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Food Bloggers' Best Party Tips Slideshow

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Mind Portions

From 2006 to 2008, Brooklynite Cathy Erway swore off restaurants and began cooking her meals at home, as documented on her blog Not Eating Out in NY.

"The first time I threw an elaborate, multicourse dinner party, I made the mistake of making portions of each course that could have been an entire meal in its own — plating sparsely was a totally foreign concept to me at the time! My guests liked the food so much that they tried valiantly to eat it all up, but by the would-be dessert, it was just impossible, and no one could even stand.

Now, I realize that's what restaurants do, and that's why when you get a salad or individual appetizer there are only about two things on the plate. So just remember: Skimp on portions or else you'll stuff everyone silly!"