Follow Mario Batali Around for 22 Minutes

Hulu shows a day in the life of the celebrity chef
Melanie Dunea

If you've ever wondered what Mario Batali does for a living (and why he gets paid so much), check out Hulu's series "A Day in The Life." They follow Mario Batali as he rides around town (in a car, not on his Vespa), wearing his signature orange Crocs and an orange hair tie.

He hits up Good Morning America, switches into a darker orange/red pair of Crocs, pops up on The Chew, and spouts little media wisdoms like, "I think that above all, Americans have a remarkably refreshable and emptyable memory capacity. So if they don't hear about you for a while, they forget about you."

This was obviously filmed pre-Superbowl (there's some Giants talk in the segment), but it's still pretty interesting to see him going about what he considers to be his everyday life.


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