Eataly-Exclusive Brews from First Taste of Eataly's Birreria Slideshow

First Taste of Eataly's Birreria Slideshow

Maryse Chevriere
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Eataly-Exclusive Brews

The brewers have joined forces to create three original Eataly Birreria brews (appropriately dubbed "Sophia," "Gina," and "Wanda" after famous Italian actresses). "Gina" is a pale ale made with thyme from near Musso's Italian brewery, while "Wanda" is a lovely brown chestnut ale. The brewpub's first in a line of rotating seasonal beers is "Sophia" (as in Loren), a wheat beer made with peppercorns that will be ready in a few weeks.


Calagione explained that the trio plans to draw inspiration for upcoming seasonal brews by walking through Eataly and each picking up an ingredient that grabs their attention. On deck to follow the "Sophia" is a beer that will feature Ugli fruit, ginger, and two types of Italian honey.