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New pots

It’s the moment many dread most: You’re sitting by the fire opening gifts at your extended family’s Christmas party.

Anthony Giglio demonstrates how to create a proper wine bucket.

In this interview at the 2011 Atlanta Food & Wine Festival, wine expert

Most of us have offered a toast or two, or joined in when someone else made one at a party. But did you ever think about why and how people started toasting? Here's some fun trivia:

How the Queen of Etiquette Has Changed

It's been just seven years since the last update of Etiquette, Emily Post's go-to resource on social conduct.

To be part of the Italian coffee culture, you have to walk the walk, of course, but you also have to talk the talk.

When I am a guest, a formal table setting is such a thoughtful and beautiful touch - the little details transform the occasion into a luxury dining experience.

Ordering in

We recently came across this discussion on Yelp where a reader had aske

Writers and musicians have a long, storied history with alcohol, and that intimacy with the bottle shows through in the memorable lines these artists have dropped over the years.