359 1st Ave
New York NY 10010
(212) 260-2252
Categories Food

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Foursquare Tips
Chris Chou
Try the hand cut smoked salmon on scooped out pumpernickel with lettuce, tomato and shrimp salad.
Get the table at the Front Window, some of the best people watching in the city ...
Mike Gambino
I wait patiently/ on long lines for great bagels/ totally worth it.
Alex Fish
Whole wheat everything with light scallion... Always a winner
Bri Gillis
I pass 15+ bagel places en route to this spot, but it's totally worth it. Weekend mornings, expect it to take 10 mins or so.
Red Fabbri
The best bagels in New York. I'm an "everything with scallion cream cheese" kind of guy myself, but that's pure breath hubris. Just don't ask for it toasted, you noob.
Dominique Bouavichith
Get the everything bagel here. You'll never eat anything else.
Jesse Rubin
Best bagels in nyc and outside of Florida hands down
Sara Hoffman
Good stuff but God help you if you are not ready or have questions. No bagels for you!
Matt Hantz
They don't toast their bagels.
Madison Girifalco
They have 3 or 4 types of home made vegan cream cheese. Great bagels with it. Awesome find.
Timothy O'Neal
It's like eating a small, delicious Jewish child.
max d
They don't toast.
Mike Byhoff
Jew tip: Don't get the white fish sandwich, get a bagel with cream cheese and 1/4 lb. white fish on the side. $2.00 less, with more fish!
Andy Yu
If you come later in the morning, be sure to ask which bagels are still warm. 9 grain w raisin cream cheese = to die for
Christopher Zumbrennen
Best bagels in the City in my humble opinion
Y Evans
if you are just getting bagels (just bagels), avoid the crazy line and go straight to where the bagels are and buy them there.
great but almost too much cream cheese. was falling off. good stuff though
Salvatore Giglio
eggs aren't their best. lox are solid though.
Jenn C.
It's all about the spreads here. Try a fresh batch of the Raisin Walnut cream cheese with Lox.
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