Go-To Simple Party Dishes from Ricky Eisen's Summer Barbecue Party Tips Slideshow

Ricky Eisen's Summer Barbecue Party Tips Slideshow

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Go-To Simple Party Dishes

Ricky advises that when planning a summer party menu, you can't go wrong with fresh, seasonal produce.

For drinks, summer party-goers can't resist a cold martini — Ricky suggests combining hibiscus tea, vodka, and lime juice for a fresh and zesty take on a classic, just unique enough to be enthusing, but not too intimidating for guests.
For appetizers, Ricky focuses on fresh vegetables — pairing fresh heirloom tomatoes and/or cucumbers with herbs and light dressings and vinaigrettes. She also suggests making one-ingredient grated Parmesan crackers made simply by melting grated cheese in a pan and allowing it to crisp into a delicious cracker.
For stress-free desserts, Ricky also focuses on fresh summer fruits such as apricots or nectarines. You can't go wrong with chocolate-dipped or grilled fruit with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.