A Candy Bar Bridal Shower from Inspirational Bridal Shower Theme (Slideshow)

Inspirational Bridal Shower Theme (Slideshow)

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A Candy Bar Bridal Shower

Bridal showers are all about indulging yourself and your best friends ... and sometimes, indulging means candy. Hosting a candy bar at your bridal shower is super easy and, if you do your shopping right, not too expensive! For a quirky and cute candy-themed shower, you need to gather two things: candy (duh) and décor. Decide what kind of candy bar you want to have — fruity, colorful candies like jelly beans and gummy worms, or decadent chocolate. Why not have a combination of the two? (Hey, you can throw fruit in there, too — there's nothing wrong with chocolate-covered strawberries!) Once you know the route you'd like to go, you can determine how you want to style your shower! We recommend heading to a thrift shop and scouring the vintage dishes. Mismatched plates, bowls, and jars could create the perfect homes for your treats. If you're looking to be a little more organized, you could head to a craft store (like Michael's or JoAnn Fabrics) and peruse the aisles for the perfect items to make your party pop. Bright colors like hot pinks and neon yellows are reminiscent of those neon gummy worms we all loved as children! With "candy" as the theme, the possibilities for decorating are endless.  

— Emily Gable, Equally Wed