Turtle Time from 7 Tips for Picnicking on the Beach (Slideshow)

7 Tips for Picnicking on the Beach (Slideshow)

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Turtle Time

Many beaches in the Florida Keys are home to turtles. Sombrero Beach a 12.6-acre beach in Marathon, is a nesting spot for Loggerhead turtles from April to October, when the turtles lay their eggs overnight at the beach. You can still enjoy the fun at Sombrero Beach, which features picnic pavilions and volleyball courts. Whether you want Cuban cuisine, sandwiches, fish, or just coffee, you’re sure to find some good eats for picnic at one of these nearby restaurants. After your picnic, take a stroll on the beach’s pier, located at the west end of the beach.

Another turtle nesting beach, Coco Plum Beach, also in the city of Marathon, is considered a more "natural" beach with a nearby wetland area.