The Beer from 10 Tips for Throwing an Authentic Oktoberfest Party (Slideshow)

10 Tips for Throwing an Authentic Oktoberfest Party (Slideshow)

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The Beer

While there are many culturally rich aspects of a true Oktoberfest, the all-important beverage of choice tends to hog the spotlight. While shopping for your party provisions, keep an eye out for the quintessential Oktoberfest beers, which are brewed for the festival. Most of the German imports from the aforementioned Munich breweries can be found stateside, so check your local beverage distributor. The newer specialty Oktoberfest brews are pale ales, lending a light, balanced flavor perfect for the day-drinking extravaganza. If you want to sample the original style traditionally served since the fest's inception, try the märzen. It is darker and spicier in flavor, but beware of its high alcohol content.