Empanada Intifada Food Truck: Slap-Your-Thigh Delicious Empanadas From a Food Truck

After working in the corporate world — and feeling the "inner warnings of existential decay" — the founders of this food truck decided to peace out on their cubicles and office attire and start Empanada Intifada. Founded in 2010, the creators strove to create a top-notch food experience by serving up local, seasonal — and superb — empanadas out of a 1981 Grumman Step Van that is the self-proclaimed first Solar-Electric food truck in the city. Aiming to provide "SlapYourThigh delicious" fare, the menu includes items like mestizo meat pie, a fusion of the traditional empanada with the traditional meat pie; poblano-cream mac and cheese; and Wok yer socks odd, a veggie peanut stir-fry.

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