Election Day: Wine Edition

The perfect political wines for election night
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Election Day 2012 is fast approaching (even natural disasters like superstorm Sandy can’t stymie our thriving democracy)! As you gear up for an evening glued to CNN or Fox, a little wine might help lighten the mood.

If you’re looking for some political wines to sip on election night, check out "Donkey and Elephant Wines." With labels representative of their respective political parties, Donkey and Elephant wines come "dressed" in a Democratic or Republican necktie and are packaged with a representation of the American flag. No more perfect hostess gift exists for an election night party. Find them here ($56 for two bottles).

If you happen to be more partisan, then Oregon pinot noir Election 44 ($25) in honor of the 44th president, as previously featured in The Daily Sip, is an obvious choice. Find it here.

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