Election 2012: The Swing State Cocktails

All eyes will be on Ohio, Colorado, Iowa (and on your drinks, too)
Staff Writer

Courtesy of Art and Soul

Back at the first presidential debate and subsequent drinking game (which feels like a long, bad hangover now), we shared some inspired cocktails for the states everyone has been watching all election cycle long: the swing states. Now, we share even more recipes for you crazy voters out there. 

Click here for the Swing State Cocktail Slideshow

Dedicated to Ohio, Colorado, Virginia, Nevada, New Hampshire, and Iowa, these cocktails are sure to inspire those sought-after voters.

But all the cocktails lead to one more: the Pennsylvania Avenue cocktail. Who knows which states will clinch the win for President Obama or Mitt Romney? 

These swing state cocktails are made at Art and Soul in Washington, D.C., the hot spot by chef Art Smith. Add some of these swinging cocktails to your roundup of cocktails election night; they'll be a hit with both Republicans and Democrats

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