8 Great Eco-Adventures Around The World

How to turn your holiday into an eco-adventure
8 Great Eco-Adventures Around The World

Koiyaki Wilderness Camp

Koiyaki Wilderness Camp

The word "ecotourism" makes us cringe almost as much as the word “stay-cation,” but the thought of guided walks on glaciers, chilling with sea turtles, and discovering reef life in the Maldives helps us look past the vernacular. Where once saving sea turtles required certification and an expertise in… sea turtles, there are now organized trips set up around the world that offer the chance to help out in all kinds of ongoing environmental efforts.

From studying climate change and caterpillars in Arizona to visiting a Maasai Mara Ecolodge in Kenya and from saving dolphins in Japan to learning and sleeping amongst the wildlife in South Africa, these trips are an educational, karma-inducing, adventurous way to explore new territory. In honor of Earth Day, we’ve rounded up eight of the most scintillating, nature-loving trips.

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