10. Hampton University, Hampton, Va. from The Worst College Food in America

The Worst College Food in America

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10. Hampton University, Hampton, Va.

Dining hall servers here have been described as "rude and unkempt." Limited seating and tummy trouble after dining have also been cited. Blech. Keatrice Robertson, a student author who posted a review on College Prowler, states that on-campus dining is "feared," and that seeing a critter crawling around while grabbing a meal was not a rare occurrence. For real? And past violations include pizza utensils stored in standing water, refrigerator doors that don’t seal, and Alfredo sauce held at the incorrect temperature.

What’s available to eat? Pizza, pasta, salad, sandwiches. Robertson writes that baked chicken used to be served every single day, so it’s clear that variety has not been a top priority in the past.

This just in: Hampton University unveiled a brand-new dining hall this fall. The new facility offers two floors of seating featuring booths, tables, and a high-top bar. More importantly, the food stations now include cook-to-order options, a salad bar, an "All-American deli," and a grill, so let’s hope this school is not on the worst college food list next year.

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