8) Buenos Aires, Argentina from The World’s 10 Best Cities for Pizza (Slideshow)

The World’s 10 Best Cities for Pizza (Slideshow)

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8) Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires is a city of Italian immigrants, and they’ve brought some amazing pizza over with them. There’s a pizzeria on nearly every corner here, and over the years a pizza style all its own — Argentine-style — has emerged. The crust is thick, the cheese is plentiful and gooey, the tomato sauce is in a thin layer, and other toppings are added right before the pizza is served (El Cuartito and Guerrin serve perhaps the finest examples). There’s also plenty of traditional thin-crust pizza to be found, at restaurants like Filo and Siamo Nel Forno, and the slices served at local chain Kentucky Pizza are widely regarded as the city’s finest drinking food. Don’t forget to drop by Bakano for their trademark dessert pizzas; try the one topped with Nutella and a scoop of ice cream.