Cameo Club Casino from Servers: Keep Your Insults to Yourself Slideshow

Servers: Keep Your Insults to Yourself Slideshow

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Last weekend three women were handed a restaurant bill that called them "Fat Girls."

The women had dinner at the Chilly D’s restaurant in the Cameo Club Casino in Stockton, Calif., on Thursday, but when they asked for the bill they discovered that server Jeff had identified them as “Fat Girls.”

“I got the bill, I was looking at the bill and was like, ‘Why does this receipt say ‘fat girls’?” Christine Duran said to News 10.

Duran said she notified the manager, but he “had like a smirk on his face, like it was funny but he was trying not to laugh.”

The manager offered a 25-percent discount on the $25.50 check, then upped it to 50 percent, but both offers were rejected.

According to ABC News, casino owner Maggie Lewis later apologized on Facebook and said the insult was “intolerable.”

“I just want to tell them we’re sincerely sorry and we’ll do everything in our power to make sure this never happens to anyone again,” said Chilly D’s co-owner Jimmy Siemers, who says he was not working the night of the incident.