15. Rich Table from San Francisco's 15 Best Restaurants (Slideshow)

San Francisco's 15 Best Restaurants (Slideshow)

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15. Rich Table

Rich Table is pretty much everything you could want from a great California food spot. Massive wine selection? Check. Cheese? Check. Local ingredients with Asian, Italian, and seafood elements? Check, check, and check. The unpretentious dining experience offered by New York and San Francisco veteran chefs Evan and Sarah Rich puts a focus on freshness, with locally-sourced flavors resulting in dishes like gnocchi with guanciale, treviso, and Meyer lemon; and asparagus with, fresh cheese, peach, and walnut. Opened in 2012, Rich Table has found a substantial fan base in a hurry, including the folks at The James Beard Foundation, who awarded them a Best New Restaurant medal in 2013.