Andy Henderson, soon to open Edmund’s Oast from Mike Lata: Charleston's Most Influential Chef? (Slideshow)

Mike Lata: Charleston's Most Influential Chef? (Slideshow)

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Andy Henderson, soon to open Edmund’s Oast

Andy Henderson credits his culinary style directly to the years he spent under Mike Lata’s wing. After graduating from the Culinary Institute of Charleston, he landed a job at FIG and worked there for the four years leading up to Mike’s James Beard Award win. It was during this time he learned what has become a norm for him and the kitchens he leads. Practices like “expecting perfection and settling for nothing less”, simple is best, every good dish starts with proper technique, andfresh is the only way,” he said. Andy’s best example? “Take the tartare dish that has 12 ingredients and each is assembled and seasoned independently,” he said. “Combined together, the final product ends up tasting so delicious because each step was done perfectly. That is magic and that is what Mike teaches you.” Andy recommends that any young chef start their career with someone like Mike, who worked side-by-side with Andy and taught him everything he knew. Andy has enjoyed seeing Mike continue to grow and succeed over the years and hopes he can be half the chef that Mike has become.

Andy’s favorite dish at FIG: Anything with Triggerfish or Softshell Crab