Eataly from Holiday Food Basket Gift Guide: 8 Great Mail-Order Edibles Slideshow

Holiday Food Basket Gift Guide: 8 Great Mail-Order Edibles Slideshow

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Since opening its doors in August, 2012 in the heart of Manhattan, Eataly, owned by chef Mario Batali and partners Joe and Lidia Bastianich, has taken a rightful place atop the throne of Italian culinary greatness. The 50,000-square-foot emporium is an ode to everything Italian, with fresh pasta, a bakery, wood-fired pizza, a butcher and fishmonger, a cooking school, six restaurants, and a sprawling rooftop beer garden. There’s also a huge amount of dry goods for sale, including the highest-quality cheese, charcuterie, dried pasta, sauces, olive oils, and just about anything else you can think of that a top-notch Italian grosseria might have in stock.

Through their just-launched online store, you can purchase the best that Eataly has to offer and have it shipped directly to your door (or send it straight to whoever you're gifting). There are smartly arranged gift baskets, or, if you feel like putting together your own basket, pasta (organized by shape, type, and producer), oils and vinegars (by region and type), sauces, meats, sweets, and other items that are nearly impossible to find elsewhere, all neatly organized and complemented with lengthy, descriptive captions to help you make your selections.

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