10) The Buckhorn Exchange from Denver’s 10 Best Restaurants

Denver’s 10 Best Restaurants

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10) The Buckhorn Exchange

One of America’s oldest restaurants (and the oldest in Denver) as well as the best restaurant for meat eaters in the country, Henry "Shorty Scout" Zietz opened the Buckhorn Exchange  in 1893, during a time when cattlemen, miners, railroad workers, silver barons, Indian chiefs, drifters, and businessmen all dined under the same roof. The restaurant was given the first liquor license in the state of Colorado and the food menu remains mostly unchanged to this day. The Buckhorn is a true Wild West holdout, with its circa-1857 antique bar, wooden fixtures, 575-piece taxidermy collection, 125-piece gun collection, and a menu that reflects that good ol’ American desire to eat some red meat. Giant steaks are the most popular offering, but there are plenty of exotic game meats on offer, too: elk, Cornish game hen, quail, and buffalo are available and can be served as samplers (elk and two quails; quail, duck and Cornish game hen; etc.) for those who really want to celebrate being on top of the food chain.