Bobcat Bite’s Green Chile Cheeseburger from 2012: The Year in Sandwiches Slideshow

2012: The Year in Sandwiches Slideshow

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Bobcat Bite’s Green Chile Cheeseburger

A 10-seat diner sitting atop a desolate, dusty dirt hill,Bobcat Bitewas named after the local fauna that would ravage the garbage cans at night looking for tasty leftovers.

Unlike Bert's or Blake's, Bobcat's ginormous 10 oz burgers are cooked to temperature preference the menu carefully distinguishing between rare, medium rare, medium, medium well, and well. The green chile is actually even tamer here than Bert's or Blake's, blanketed under white American cheese. Or it may be that the beef steals the show. No fast food burger here.

If Pat LaFrieda's proprietary Black Label burger blend of meats is the pride of New York City's burgers, I'd like to introduce Pat to his New Mexican counterpart whom I'll name "Chuck." Bobcat Bite freshly grinds its beef daily from 100% whole boneless chuck which delivers the perfect beef to fat ratio in my humble opinion.

Not only is Bobcat Bite the greatest green chile cheeseburger you're likely to ever experience, I think it's fair to say that nobody beats Bobcat's meat. Their unique huge ciabatta-like buns are soft but sturdy enough to sop up the Christmas-colored mix of red blood and green chiles on my perfectly cooked rare burger. If you choose to explore the New Mexican green chile cheeseburger trail, you can be assured of striking gold at Bobcat Bite. GutterGourmet