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15 Cheapest Ways to Eat at the Ballpark Slideshow

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All-You-Can-Eat Seats

If a ballgame just wouldn't be a ballgame without the full-on food experience — hot dogs, nachos, pretzels, peanuts — consider investing a little extra money for "all-you-can-eat" stadium seats.

First introduced by six teams in 2007, the seats are now available at many more major league stadiums across the country. But be warned: All-you-can-eat seats are typically located in nosebleed sections, and there's a ticket markup of $15 to $20. But if you know you're going to go crazy with the concessions, the investment will likely save some money: According to an analysis from, scarfing two hot dogs, an order of nachos, a bag of nuts, and a soda will more than offset the extra ticket price.

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