15 Best Pizzas in Chicago from 15 Best Pizzas in Chicago (Slideshow)

15 Best Pizzas in Chicago (Slideshow)

Ravi Bangaroo

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15 Best Pizzas in Chicago

Even those who love and proselytize the buttery, flaky, crust and overload of cheese and sauce that is Chicago deep-dish style will tell you what you may not know about the city’s pie scene: there’s more nuance to Windy City pizza than cast iron and waiting for a half an hour for your pizza to cook. There are plenty of tavern-style and thin-crust pies that deserve just as much attention as deep-dish icons like Gino’sUnoLou Malnati’sBurt’s, and Pequod’s. These, and other pizza icons make determining Chicago’s best extremely difficult, but this year’s panel of experts narrowed it down to 15 spots that were better than all the rest.