11) All-Star Café from The 11 Biggest Failed Chain Restaurants Slideshow

The 11 Biggest Failed Chain Restaurants Slideshow

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11) All-Star Café

Even though there were only 10 locations of the Planet Hollywood-owned All-Star Café in its late '90s-heyday, odds are you knew about this chain, especially if you were a kid during the decade. Sports icons such as Andre Agassi, Joe Montana, Ken Griffey Jr., and Shaq all invested in the project, and some appeared in commercials for it, which opened in prime locations across the country including New York City's Times Square and Walt Disney World. The chain was equal parts gift shop, memorabilia store, and restaurant, and never quite had the same appeal as similar theme restaurants like the Hard Rock Café and Planet Hollywood. The last one, located in Walt Disney World’s Wide World of Sports, closed in 2007.