#59 EVO, Charleston, S.C. (Pork Trifecta) from 101 Best Pizzas in America 2013 (Slideshow)

101 Best Pizzas in America 2013 (Slideshow)


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#59 EVO, Charleston, S.C. (Pork Trifecta)

EVO, which stands for "extra virgin oven," offers fresh, wood-fired, Neapolitan-style pizza made with seasonal and local ingredients. Produce from local farmers is used to develop these pies. The menu consists of just five pizzas, including Margherita, pistachio pesto, mushrooms and Gruyère, and the Pork Trifecta (with marinara, housemade sausage, pepperoni, bacon, mozzarella, and Parmigiano-Reggiano), and a three-cheese calzone, but the 17 extra topping choices allow customers to construct a towering feast.