Don Pablo’s Conquistador from 10 Fattiest Meals at Chain Restaurants

10 Fattiest Meals at Chain Restaurants

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Don Pablo’s Conquistador

Don Pablo’s advertising promises a “bodacious and audacious” approach to Tex-Mex, and their combo plates are indeed an over-the-top tour of Texan tastes, and then some. According to its nutritional information, the steak fajita nachos (99g) and taco beef nachos (113g) actually have more grams of fat than The Conquistador, but it's not far behind in fat and has more calories than either of those dishes.

The Conquistador A pile of beef taquitos, chicken flautas, "Mama’s Skinny Enchilada," and a mini beef burrito topped with crispy beef and soft chicken tacso, and served with a side of queso. That's 1,893 cal and 87g of fat.

Healthy Alternative Chicken tamale or "Mama’s Skinny Enchilada."