They Watched <em>Julie & Julia</em> 365 Times from 10 Awesome Things Food Bloggers Did in 2011 Slideshow

10 Awesome Things Food Bloggers Did in 2011 Slideshow

The Lawrence/Julie & Julia Project
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They Watched Julie & Julia 365 Times

Northwestern student Lawrence Dai decided to watch Julia & Julia (yes, the amazing Meryl Streep terrible Amy Adams one) for an entire year, and blog about it on The Lawrence/Julie & Julia Project. He finished on Nov. 29 of this year. During the 365 viewings, Dai counted the number of chews on the film, chopped up 30 pounds of onions, synced the movie to Kanye West, and got a couple marriage proposals out of it. His flippant, profanity-filled, and occasionally raunchy blog rages against Amy Adams’s character and chronicles how he managed to watch the two-hour film every single day. Props for completing the task, Dai. Word is, he’s moving onto other blogging projects.

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