Eat This Now: Bazaar's Philly Cheesesteak

An el Bulli disciple makes magic in L.A.
Photo courtesy of Jeff Zalaznick

You expect magic tricks from a meal at Bazaar. After all, renowned Spanish chef Jose Andres is a disciple and close friend of el Bulli’s Ferran Adrià. The restaurant, an extension of his original six-seat spot, minibar, in D.C., presents a menu is divided into “traditional” and “modern” tapas. While creations from the latter borrow from El Bulli, they truly are a personification of a chef who has embraced both his past and his present.

You’ll find the airs, foams, tomato hearts and spherification, but at the same time, the dishes are characterized by an American sensibility. There are riffs on Caesar salad, tacos, cheesesteaks, shrimp cocktail and Caprese salad. As you may imagine, the food is exciting— el Bulli techniques applied to the American palate.

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