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Unique Beers From Top American Brewpubs Slideshow

The Brewer's Art
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The Brewer’s Art

Location: Baltimore, Md. 
Notable Brew: St. Festivus Volker

Stewart, founding partner of The Brewer’s Art, says what makes his Baltimore-based brewpub really stand out is its unusual setting — a Mt. Vernon townhouse.

“It’s a pretty unique space,” Stewart says. “The guy who built this was a big shot investment banker around the turn of the last century. It’s pretty ornate.”

The happy hour specials don’t hurt either, he said. With six beers on tap at any given time, the North Charles Street pub changes its offerings seasonally. At holiday time, ask for "St. Festivus." This brown winter ale is brewed with five types of malt, noble hops, and then, for an added kick, Curaçao, along with orange peel and ginger.