Set Realistic Goals from 10 Ways to Do a Juice Cleanse Healthily

10 Ways to Do a Juice Cleanse Healthily

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Set Realistic Goals

Cleanses are intense, and for some reason, they tend to bring up feelings. You’re purging all the things and food is very symbolic, with many psychological associations, and if you’re prone to it, a cleanse can easily slip from self-care to self-abuse. It’s important to set an intention for this cleanse that is meaningful enough to keep you on-track and loving enough to keep you happy and healthy. If you’re starting out with “I want to lose 20 pounds because I look gross in my bikini,” that’s a self-punishing goal with not a lot of substance that will give way to misery, particularly if you’ve already been dealing with your misery with comfort food or self-denial. Instead, set intentions of self-love, acceptance, and care. If you tend to eat badly to deal with stress, anger, or sadness, your goal might look something like, “I nourish my body and deal with my emotions with more supportive tools like journaling, counseling, talking with friends, working on my art, etc. I treat my body holistically.” Your mind is part of your body, too. You can talk with a friend, a counselor, and/or journal to keep you on-track. In your journal, make a note at the start of each day about what your intention is. It can be the same goal/intention all week, or you might see it change or adapt. At each meal or snack, write down what you consumed and how you feel. This is a good way to keep you accountable, make sure that you’ve consumed enough, record your recipes and preferences, and notice if you feel better or worse after certain foods. At the end of the day, take a minute to answer these questions: What did I struggle with? How have I progressed? What can I let go of? If you like, you can spend more time journaling, or you can try using mantras if you like them. A favorite from yoga class is “I am not my mind,” which basically means, “All my crazy, self-destructive thoughts don’t reflect my true nature.”