The Daily Meal's Fast Food Thanksgiving Slideshow

The Turkey: KFC’s Original Seasoning
The Seasonings
The Finished Bird
Stuffing: White Castle Sliders
Stuffing Recipe
Mashed Potatoes: McDonald’s Fries
Incorporating McDonald’s Into the Potatoes
McDonald’s Mashed Potatoes
Green Beans: Burger King Onion Rings
Green Beans: McDonald’s Sweet and Sour Sauce
The Rings
The Sauce
Sweet and Sour Green Beans with Burger King Onion Rings
Gravy: KFC Gravy
Our Own Twists
Bouillon Cubes
The Daily Meal’s KFC Gravy
Sweet Potato Casserole: Popeyes Pecan Pie
Dissecting the Pie
The Sweet Potato Filling
The Crumble
Popeyes Sweet Potato Casserole
Dessert: McDonald’s Apple Pie
Dessert: Taco Bell’s Cinnamon Twists
The Filling
The Taco Bell Topping
McDonald’s Apple Pie and Taco Bell Cinnamon Crumble