Costco Wholesale

Row 1

13463 Washington Blvd (btwn Walnut & Glencoe)
Marina del Rey, CA 90292
(310) 754-2003
Shop, Photography Lab, Grocery Store

Foursquare Tips

  • Take a xanax beforehand. Makes the trip more enjoyable.
  • Free samples!
  • amerikka, fuck yeah! buy more shit you don't need. create more waste, who cares!
  • Die a slow death waiting in line to check out
  • Horrific Crowded Parking Lot, but its a Costco on the West Side. What do you expect?
  • Weekends are packed and parking is horrendous. But a slice of pizza will definitely help.
  • Try the Kings Hawaiian Sweetbread Rolls
  • Lynne Gigliotti loves this place! -Lynne Gigliotti, Top Chef
  • Must get the hand dipped ice cream bar with roasted almonds!!!
  • Craving for meatless general tso's chick'n? Look for gardein meatless crispy chick'n in the frozen aisle. Better than Chinese take out!
  • Absolutely the worst parking lot. Grab the first spot available if coming on the weekends.
  • All the cool kids get the hot dog combo, yo! But stay away from the Dreaded Chicken Bake!! The picture looks amazing but it's turds. Always some cute Asian chicks there. Old people meander slowly.
  • Parking nightmare almost always. Really I dont understand what all these people shopping middle of the day do for a living.
  • It's like I'm in heaven.
  • If u decide to come on a weekday evening instead of a Saturday or Sunday afternoon you've made the right choice!
  • Costco traffic on Sundays is worse than LA traffic
  • Best Place to prepare for a Party!!
  • 2 movie tickets for $15! (AMC and Regal theaters)
  • Costco sucks when you come shopping with your shopoholic mom..
  • Has really best selection of all the Costco's I go to. No wonder they are so busy! Try going weekdays, Mon-Thurs. And if you have to go Fri-Sun earlier is best.