The Cookery: Revamping the Pop Up Restaurant Phenomenon

A 5-course menu by Chef Camille Becerra, event creator Lelaine Lau and mixologist Aisha Sharpe
Nicole Franzen
Nicole Franzen

Described as a "moveable feast and peek-a-boo dinner series" produced by Chef Camille Becerra, event creator Lelaine Lau and mixologist Aisha Sharpe, The Cookery's 5-course preview dinner on Wednesday, July 29th, was an intimate fusion of urban landscape and modern class.

Set at Little Owl's The Event Space in Greenwich Village, Chef Becerra concocted a menu with influences from her Latin heritage. First, guests were welcomed with lavender-infused gin cocktails before sitting down to a full 5-course menu that ranged from chilled parsley soups (1st) to blood-wild rice sausages with butter beans (4th).

Throughout the dinner, cocktails — rooted in different types of gin — complemented each course. A gin based mojito with Plymouth gin, lemon juice, mint, cucumber, sugar and club soda served as a refreshing respite between caviar toast and rice and beans.

The night ended with a treat: chammomile popsicles (to cool off in the New York heat) and rhubarb pop-tarts wrapped as party favors to take home for breakfast.

The event reaffirmed the idea of the pop up restaurant: no matter where it is, quality food and good company always make for a satisfying ambiance.

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