Our 8 Best Linguine Recipes from Our 8 Best Linguine Recipes

Our 8 Best Linguine Recipes

Francesco Tonelli

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Our 8 Best Linguine Recipes

Although thoroughly Italian in origin — having originated in the Liguria region of Italy — America celebrates the beloved linguine pasta every year on Sept. 15.

Liguria’s culinary specialties, in general, are known well beyond its small state borders; for instance, it is said that the original lasagna noodle (first made with chestnut flour) originated in the region. Oily rich focaccia bread and pesto (specifically from the province of Genoa — i.e. pesto Genovese) are specialties as well.

The shape is similar to that of fettuccine, but not as flat or as wide (linguine is only about 4 millimeters in width), and the word linguine also means “little tongues” in Italian. Linguine is also traditionally designated to seafood and pesto dishes since the Mediterranean coast and climate foster both an abundance of seafood and basil.

How should you observe, you ask? Simple: Cook up a big pot of linguine!