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How to Make Mustard Slideshow

Will Budiaman
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Jim Love and his team at Be Mindful. Be Human. use equal parts yellow and brown mustard seed, a bit of cider vinegar, a bit of brown sugar and salt to balance it out, a bit of cumin for smoky, earthy flavor, and a bit of white wine.

The recipe has specific amounts for all of the ingredients, but the number one rule of cooking still applies: Taste it as you go, and don't be afraid to have a little fun with it. Mustard seeds come in three main varieties — yellow, brown, and black. For a more American-style mustard, use all yellow seeds, plain white vinegar, and ditch the cumin. For a more Dijon-style mustard, ditch the cumin and white wine and sub in fresh chopped tarragon and white-wine vinegar. Or for something really interesting, grate in some fresh horseradish or fruit purée. Catch the drift?

We could tell you everything but that would just take the fun out of it. Let your imagination run wild!