Craziest Soup Recipes from Craziest Soup Recipes

Craziest Soup Recipes


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Craziest Soup Recipes

Just because we are looking for comfort from our meal, doesn’t mean our soups need to be dull, which is why we’ve rounded up 25 of The Daily Meal’s craziest soup recipes collected over the years.

From vegetable soups that utilize every part of the plant, like this Roasted Radish and Radish Top Soup, to seafood soups that taste delightfully similar to an appetizer favorite, like Jeff Tunks' Oyster Rockefeller Soup, we have creative soups that will have you clamoring for your soup pots, Dutch ovens, and slow-cookers.

For a little lunch or dinner soup inspiration, look no further than our list of 25 crazy soup recipes that you just have to try.