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What would you get if you took the appeal of a widely available chain and paired it with a unique brand with high-quality products?

Bagna Cauda

Spring is a natural time to start thinking about vegetables, but if Matt Wilkinson had his way, everyone would be thinking about them all year-round.

René Redzepi's Cookbook Out November

Looks like René Redzepi isn't just reinventing what food looks like; the chef behind Scandinavian restaurant Noma is releasing a se

Guy Fieri's new Cookbook

Guy Fieri doesn't slow down for anything.

Dana Cowin to Release New Cookbook | Food & Wine

Food & Wine's editor-in-chief Dana Cowin is releasing a cookbook, tentaitively out 2014, a press release says.

Franny's Cookbook Cover

There are so many Italian cookbooks that get released every year, adding to the already formidable collections in bookstores, that it can be hard to figure out which ones are worthwhile (and worth

Paula Deen's Sons on the Move | Cookbooks | Iron Chef

Paula Deen might be out of the picture for the time being, thanks to the serious scandal that was her racist deposition leak, but her sons are going on media tours, defending their mother and promo

Every so often, a celebrity will publish a cookbook that makes a best-seller list or two.