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Where to Drink

Assuming you’re an honest person, you only get to say "This is my first time doing events coverage"  once. But as I wandered from booth to...

Build Your Bar

Beyond swirling, I never gave aeration much thought when drinking wines. I certainly didn't even contemplate it for spirits. Does adding oxygen really...

Toasting Good Drinks

Beyond Books: The Library For Whiskey Connoisseurs
Photo courtesy of Dina Avila Photography If you like whiskey, hop on a plane right now and head to Portland, Oregon. While Portland is known for being home...

History In a Glass

The Problem with the Historical Cocktail Movement
"Historically, people don't care about the history of cocktails," remarked esteemed cocktail writer and historian David Wondrich. "So it...

Get to Know Your Spirits

5 New Spirits to Hit the Bar Scene
You may have recently noticed some unfamiliar faces popping up on menus next to your cocktail descriptions — names belonging to a fresh wave of...

Quick and Easy Cocktails

Champagne Flutes
A classic Champagne cocktail from the French 75 Bar at Arnaud's in New Orleans.
Adonis Cocktail Recipe
This cocktail, on the menu at New York City's cocktail bar-restaurant The Beagle, is a favorite of creator Dan Greenbaum. Says the bar manager, "it's dry, sharp, with a nice acidity...
Shandys aren't just what your mom drank on her high school trip to London anymore. This remake of U.K.'s traditional beer-tail, devised by Johnny Swet of Rogue & Canon, doesn't need...
old fashioned cocktail
A classic whiskey cocktail that muddles fruit and bitters with sugar.
Ernest Hemingway sure loved his drinks — and making daiquiris. Make a tipple inspired by the writer with Brugal Extra Dry Rum. 
A classic cocktail that never grows old. You can use either white or red cranberry juice when making the drink; I prefer Ocean Spray.
The Martini is the quintessential cocktail. Passed down from generation to generation, this drink has withstood the test of time for a reason: its minimalist recipe and endless variations offer...
Manhattan cocktail
You can't go wrong with a classic. This cocktail was said to have been created around 1874 at The Manhattan Club in New York for Lady Randolph Churchill, Winston's mother. 

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