Chefs and Restaurateurs: Seasons 4-7 from Top Chef Stars: Where Are They Now? Slideshow

Top Chef Stars: Where Are They Now? Slideshow

The Gorbals, Jane Bruce, Melissa Hom
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Chefs and Restaurateurs: Seasons 1-3

Many chefs used Top Chef as a springboard for new ventures: 

Harold Dieterle (near right) — Season one's winner debuted Perilla in 2007. In 2010 he opened Kin Shop, which The New York Times gave two stars.

Tiffani Faison — This fall in Boston, season one's runner-up will open her first restaurant, Sweet Cheeks, serving homespun barbeque.

Ilan Hall (far left) — Season two's victor left Casa Mono to open The Gorbals in L.A., where he serves dishes like gefilte fish and chips.

Dale Levitski — Season three's runner-up is executive chef of Sprout, a new organic restaurant in Chicago.

Hung Huynh (center) — This champ opened his first restaurant this fall, Catch