Go Behind the Scenes at 21st Century Limited with Alinea and Eleven Madison Park

The team naturally released a retrospective video to show you what you missed



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Eleven Madison Park


11 Madison Ave (at E 24th St)
10010 New York, NY

Although Eleven Madison Park opened to much fanfare and subsequent acclaim in 1998, it was Danny Meyer’s hiring of Swiss-born Daniel Humm to helm the kitchen in 2006 that elevated the place to the level of the finest restaurants in the country.

Back in September and October, Alinea and Eleven Madison Park make the food world's dream come true by collaborating and switching places. The result? Jean-Georges Vongerichten asking Grant Achatz what he's smoking, and this video below, showing the two teams working with an entirely new kitchen, new restaurant, and new front-of-house team.

Watch below as Grant Achatz, Daniel Humm, Will Guidara, and company all work to transport an entire restaurant to a new city for one week. And while Achatz's team didn't necessarily travel by train, as the name may have implied, watch as Alinea's team shows workers how to present and break a dark chocolate sphere, with plenty of food porn and grids galore. There's a brief shot of Daniel Boulud, edible balloons, and a ridiculous amount of fire.

Then, of course, Eleven Madison Park heads to Chicago, with caviar and smoke and all sorts of delicious things. Watch the full video below, as Alinea hints that there will be more to come.


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